Student Requests

Extension of Candidature

If a student failed to complete the study programme within the stipulated time period, he/she may be considered for an extension of candidature upon request. The request for extension with a valid reason should be sent to the Director of the Institute. A student seeking an extension of registration shall make a request to do so at least three (03) months prior to the expiry date of the active registration. An extension of candidature may be granted on case by case basis considering reason/s for the request, progress of the studies, research and the like.

If the extension of the candidature is not granted, the student shall complete all requirement of the diploma/ degree programme before the expiration of the active registration. Failure to complete all requirements of the study programme before the active registration expires will lead to the termination of candidature.

Students shall not pay/ deposit money for the renewal of registration, when an extension of registration was sought, before the approval of such extension is granted officially.

Other Requests

Students can make requests for the amendment of their personal information in registration, exemptions of courses, change of degree programmes or courses, postponement of the programme and examinations, amendments to thesis title, leave of absence, cancellation of degree programme and any other matter related to their study programme.