Organizational Structure

The Board of Management is the governing and policy making body of the Institute. The Director, the ex-officio Chairperson of the Board, is the principal executive officer, the principal academic officer and the chief accounting officer of the Institute. The Board of Management may appoint standing committees to undertake the functions of the Institute.

Boards of Studies come directly under the control of the Board of Management. All academic matters of the Institute shall be discussed at the Boards of Study level and passed on to the Board of Management for its considerations and approval. The Institute forwards matters to the Senate and the Council of the University, where necessary, for approval. The institute shall obtain approval from the UGC through the University in the cases of new degree programmes and new schemes of reorganization of the Institute.

The general management and financial management come directly under the Director of the Institute. The Board of Management has the direct responsibility to the UGC on the administrative and financial matters of the Institute.