Skills and Career Prospects


 On completion of the programme, Development Professional Graduates of the MDP Peradeniya will be able to

  • undertake projects that require an integrated perspective and effectively lead multidisciplinary teams;
  • incorporate knowledge and skills from different disciplines in the design and application of development interventions;
  • use up-to-date spatial analysis and data analysis methods and tools (e.g. GIS, Stata and other statistical analysis software);
  • design, monitor and evaluate projects while paying attention to sustainability , economic, environmental and social aspects;
  • communicate effectively on technical details with experts in many disciplines;
  • develop integrated policy solutions that are scientifically , politically and contextually grounded.

By acquiring knowledge and skills from a broad range of disciplinary areas, MDP graduates will be prepared for employment locally, nationally and globally in

  • national and international development agencies,
  • non-governmental organizations,
  • research institutes,
  • government departments,
  • financial institutions,
  • private companies,
  • media and civil society.

Where do our students and graduates work?



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